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Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

Euromatrici 4.0

The project consists of the implementation of an integrated and specialized BMS information system to improve and rationalize company processes from the perspective of a 4.0 company.

The new information system will be used to improve administrative, commercial and warehouse management, to provide valid support for production planning operations, to collect production final data to provide punctual and accurate analysis of working times and costs of orders.

The information system, connected directly to the workshop with the new Yamazaki Mazak work platform, allows the detection of production time in real time and offers operators instructions on the execution of production orders.

In the case of Euromatrici, the complete ERP system must represent the process-management-engine of the company, with an integrated logic based on BPM - Business Process Management techniques to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each individual company function, in the corporate vision 4.0.

This is a total transformation of the company, in its aspects of organization, production and supply chain management from supplier to customer, necessary to satisfy the needs of the market.